You is needed now!


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It’s time to push our limits for a WE!
Yes you are needed & World need everyone of us now to cooperate for better. Yes NOW! Nope its not longer about your Own needs & my own needs its for someone elses basic needs..its for human & Life ..Yes my heart & soul & mind with health push for HUMAN RIGHTS ..
Please remember that All human is amazing & loveable with unique potential..Yes WE are rich in our World !
Yes exactly YOU as read this need to focus on what you & me & WE all can do to cooperate for better..Yes someone has to Lead & start..take the first step ..Yes many have to join here to lead & guide for a start with beginning..challenges? Deluxe & WE move forward anyway..Yes to start & push for move on can be me a ordinary human from North Sweden as me..a mother & a women with some skills experience & knowledge With a open mind with focus on learning & change..& yes it can be you..Anyway I love human nature & animals..& I believing in Peace
If this feels comfortable? It feels different & good & someone have to step up & sharp sight with focus for what WE need to start with ..Yes there is Much different now here & in World with Covid-19 & I work tonight as ICU Nurse on Hospital to help human..& everything that happen out in the world with USA as strong part now..
So Nope I with many can not come to USA & travel because of Corona & Covid-19
WE have to lead us in a WE anyway..
Why? Its everyones responsibility to give everything to push all limits in a peace & loving way for release all Racism..Zero Racism!! So yes WE have alot to do..
Yes USA is in really need now for better for all human in a PEACEFUL way..
If its possible ? Yes..As you think feel believe & imagine you can create..If you are ready to do what it takes & see World with WE as amazing human with potential..If you go for be a role model in small & large things self every day..There you trust that Everything counts & matters..So please What can you join with? Who can you cooperate with to do something? Join ? @barackobama @michelleobama @robinsharma @tonyrobbins @brenebrown @raydalio @sheeranmusic @simonsaysinspire /

Veronica 🙏❤️☮️

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